• Running Stories @ Bandanna Every First Thursday

    We hear so many inspiring running stories in the course of a week, we wanted to create a time and place for them to be shared. So on the First Thursday of November we introduced

    Running Stories @ Bandanna Every First Thursday

    November’s event featured Bandanna’s co-owner, Rich Harris, sharing some great stories from his professional running days. Here’s the video … click here.

    In December, we’ll hear from special guest and Idaho Statesman photojournalist, Katherine Jones! You’ll be so inspired. Bring your story, too! We’ll have one or two featured speakers each month but anyone is welcome to share their favorite running stories each time as well.


    We invite you to stop by the store for RUNNING STORIES @ BANDANNA at 7 p.m. And add the First Thursday of each month to your calendar. Enjoy dinner or shopping downtown or grab a hot cup of coffee before enjoying some inspiring running stories with us.

    See you Thursday!