November 10th, 2013

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A Newsletter from Bandanna Running & Walking . . . Week of November 10th
HAPPY NOVEMBER!  How many of you have sore back muscles and/or blisters from raking leaves over the weekend?  All I could think about while raking was all of the things I would rather be doing . . . especially when finding gifts from neighborhood dogs!  The good news is I did find some Halloween candy that must have escaped in a dash across the lawn, several water balloon pieces and one lonely sock that unfortunately did not look like matches to any of the many that are missing mates in our house!  If you have not yet signed up for the Y.Strider Turkey Trot coming up on November 23rd, HURRY!  We posted a photo of the Turkey Trot socks on our Facebook page last week . . . they are super cute, and this is a fantastic Annual, Family-friendly event!  Hope to see you all trotting!  This coming Saturday brings the Nike Cross Country Regional Meet to Eagle Island.  High School athletes will be competing from all over the Northwest!  If you do not have other plans this Saturday, treat yourself to some classic FALL weather at a great Cross Country event!  Meet Me Monday this week will be awesome as we learn more about the incredible Festival of Trees!  Join us at 5:15 p.m. for a walk/run, followed by announcements and socializing!  We will also be treated to a visit from our HOKA representative at this week’s Meet Me Monday!  HOKA makes an oversized shoe that has helped so many of our customers get back on the road/trails after injury and/or merely for added support!  Take a spin in a pair of HOKAs during your run/walk and see what the buzz is all about.  The shoes have been described as giant marshmallows on your feet but so friendly to the knees and hips!  Our representative will be present at 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., so you have lots of time to test drive!  We will also be offering 20% off HOKAs all day on Monday!  Grab a pair of shoes and change your life!
Rich & Shannon Harris, Owners
“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning.  And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”  Mark Twain



As BANDANNA begins 20 years in business, it should not surprise you we have seen plenty of changes and trends in running and walking shoes.  We have recently experienced the rise, and rather quick fall, of minimal shoes.  Minimal shoes provide little to no cushioning, support and “drop” (the difference between the heel and forefoot height).  Although minimal shoes have worked great for some, they certainly are not for everyone.  We are now seeing the pendulum swing back to more cushioning in low drop shoes.  In the case of Hoka One One shoes, it is “oversize” cushioning.  What exactly is oversize in a running shoe?  Think oversize tennis rackets, golf clubs, skis, bike tires . . . the same items, just bigger.  Much, much bigger!


For Hoka, the bigger, more cushioned shoe, is not just, “Oh that’s nicer than my other running shoes”, but “OMG, that is incredible!”  Remember the restaurant scene in “When Harry Met Sally” with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal?  Kind of like that.


Here is what Hoka running shoes can offer you:

  • Midsole Foam – Lots of it.  Up to 2.5 times the amount in the average shoe.  But do not mistake all that foam for heavy.  Pick one up and see for yourself.  While it makes for a strange looking shoe, you’ll soon get over that when you feel the cushioning (or, as Hoka puts it “great shock attenuation”).  All this foam will enable you to run longer and farther with less fatigue in your legs, feet and core.
  • A unique “Midsole Geometry” – Hoka calls this a “meta-rocker.”  It simply means the midsole has a bit of a roll to it.  Not that big “shape up” roll, but just enough to promote better running form and more efficient running mechanics.  In short, an overall smoother run.
  • Stability – There are three initial reactions to seeing a/an Hoka for the first time:

“That is one crazy looking shoe!”

“It must be heavy and clunky.”

“It’s unstable.”


Only the first is true.  Turn a Hoka shoe over and you will see a very broad base.  There is not much chance you’ll be rolling off this shoe!  In addition, Hoka’s have a uniquely engineered “Active Foot Frame” midsole geometry which allows your foot to sink into the shoe, as opposed to sitting on top.  Think of it as sitting in a bathtub where the sides come up around you.


Are you intrigued yet?  Whether you’re running ultras, or just want more cushioning for your neighborhood three mile run, there may be a Hoka in your future.


Many years ago, I was sitting in the bar of a hotel in Knarvik, Norway with Steve Plascenia (US, two-time Olympian), Ray Flynn (Irish Olympian, 3:49 miler) and John Walker (New Zealand Olympian, 1500 gold medalist, 100+ sub-four miles).  We were there to run in a track meet put on by the local running club.  It was in Knarvik that Henry Rono had run a world record time in the 5000 (~13:05?) the year before.  I name drop and list some credentials here as it puts the following story in context.


While I do not recall the specifics of our conversation, it must have had to do with training and workouts and the need to train hard and consistently for success.  In other words, no slacking if you want to set world records and win a gold medal like John Walker.   It was on this theme that Ray told us a story about a trip he had made to train with John in New Zealand.  He went there thinking he was going to be tutored by the great John Walker, train hard all the time, and learn to sweat and pee blood.  He would learn the secrets of the great Kiwi runners like Peter Snell, Dick Quax, Rod Dixon and Arthur Lydiard.  Imagine his surprise when, in the middle of a run, John stopped running and started to walk off the road and into the woods.  Naturally, Ray assumed this was a quick answer to the call of nature and then they’d be back on the road pounding out more miles.  Instead, John said he was tired of running and suggested they scavenge in the woods for mushrooms to pick for dinner.  Ray was shocked.  Tired of running? Stop running? Pick mushrooms?  He hadn’t even sweat blood yet.  This wasn’t any training method he was familiar with.   He had traveled all the way to New Zealand to train with JOHN WALKER!


John assured him it was okay to stop running, that he knew which mushrooms were safe to pick and that Ray would soon sweat blood after eating the mushrooms for dinner.  While Ray was reluctant, he relented, picked mushrooms and then had to further endure the public disgrace of WALKING home; even if it was in the company of John Walker.  Despite this interruption and setback in Ray’s training (any more rest and easy days like that and one of his legs probably would have fallen off), he would go on to run more sub-four minute miles and make the 5000 meter Olympic final in 1984.  The moral of the story?  It doesn’t matter what your goals are, how fast you’ve run or who you are, sometimes you just need to stop running and pick mushrooms.

Rich Harris


HARRIS and ME, By Gary Paulsen
While this book is technically for “young adult readers,” this 56 year old reader cannot recommend it strongly enough.  It is a quick read about an 11 year old City kid sent to live with his Uncle, Aunt and Cousin Harris for the Summer.  The paragraph at the end of Chapter Six says it all:
“I’d been kicked in the testicles, slammed in the head, worked at the separator until my arms seemed about to fall off, narrowly averted disaster with a manic rooster, wrestled commie [word removed] pigs in a sea of pig crap, ridden horses as big as dinosaurs, had a losing relationship with a lynx, eaten eighteen or twenty meals, and helped to capture mice for God-knows-what purposes.” “And I’d been there one day.”
Read it yourself before giving it to the kids.  You’ll remember this book long after many your reads and/or the next time you head to the farm!
Recommended by Rich Harris and purchased for Mr. H (City kid) by Mrs. H (Farm kid) as a great book to read to the kids . . . and because of the bits of irony within.




Meet Me Monday

If you have not yet experienced Meet Me Monday, you are missing out!  We meet in the parking lot (or just inside by WiseGuy Pizza) between 5th and 6th on Main EVERY Monday from 5:15 p.m. to approximately 6:45 p.m. for a (FREE) run/walk/stroll through Downtown Boise, Kuna & New Plymouth!  The benefits of regular exercise are obvious, but the relationships we are building/creating while receiving the benefits of GETTING OUT are priceless!  Come and join us, and bring a friend!  You will want to make this an every Monday effort!  Thanks to Liz Warhurst and Rhonda & Ron Lysinger, we have recently added the Kuna and New Plymouth MMM’s!  See for all of the details and/or the MeetMeMonday Facebook page!
November 11 . . . Join us to learn more about the Festival of TreesAND take a pair ofHOKAs for a spin while our HOKA representative tells you how HOKAs have taken off in the oversized shoe world!  NOTE:  ALL HOKAs 20% off for this special occasion on Monday, November 11th.  Discount limited to in-stock items only.
*Meet Me Monday is a community partnership between Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and Bandanna Running & Walking and is designed to GET people OUT and active!  Please plan to join us for MMM!
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