October 20th, 2013

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A Newsletter from Bandanna Running & Walking . . . Week of October 20, 2013
WHAT A WEEK!  Here’s to everyone that was directly and indirectly impacted by the political upheaval this past week.  At the end of the day, everyone is affected and we can all participate in making a difference going forward.  FALL is in full swing and the leaves/colors could not be more beautiful!  CONGRATS to our own Shannon DeBoer for winning the City of Trees 1/2 Marathon last Sunday!  Well Done!  CONGRATS also to Bishop Kelly High School and Coach Pat Connor for supporting the Harrison Classic last Sunday with the most student volunteers!  The kids had a great time, and may have failed to appreciate the true beauty of Harrison Blvd. in their mile sprint to chocolate milk at the finish!  Harrison Blvd. never feels longer than during this event!  Many thanks to the Y (especially Tim Severa and Jack Ward) for putting on this great Annual fun run.  We look forward to the Cross Country District Championships this Thursday @ Eagle Island!  Upcoming also is the Y’s Halloween Fun Run, the Farmman Challenge, the Halloween Hustle and of course, Halloween!  Wishing you all a great event . . . whatever your event . . . and lots of your favorite kind(s) of Halloween candy!  Grab a pair of shoes and change your life!
Rich & Shannon Harris, Owners
NOTE:  From now until they are gone (it will not take long), we have the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 & Asics GT-2000 @ 20% OFF and select Summer Men’s and Women’s apparel at 50% OFF and/or Buy One/Get One FREE!  Stop by and check things out as well as all the new FALL updates and apparel!  Ask us about the Brooks Adapt II Gloves . . . they have AWESOME (Mr. H. said nifty) LED lights!



The latest BROOKS Adrenaline update (GTS 14) has just been released with minor improvements that feel fantastic as you lace up your new pair and take them for a spin:


BROOKS focused on two areas for the GTS 14 update:

  • Heel to toe transition:  The mid-foot of the shoe has been filled in along the lateral side to create a smoother transition and enhance lateral cushioning and the “crash pad” (lateral heel of shoe) has been extended up to the mid-foot to further promote an effortless heel-toe transition.
  • In-shoe comfort (how the shoe feels when you put it on and lace it up):  The laces have been brought closer to the foot in order to create more uniform pressure across the instep and through the use of BROOKS’ innovative 3D Fit Print process, the upper materials are lighter, softer and stronger resulting in a closer to-the-foot fit.


NEVER get this . . . but if you do, some thoughts:

PF does not go away quickly.  It takes a consistent effort and weeks and months of rest/therapy to get rid of.  Below are a few suggestions/recommendations learned from 40 years of running and 20 years of working with runners and selling running/walking shoes.

  • Make sure you are wearing the correct size and type (stability, neutral etc.) of shoe for YOU/your gait.  Too big, too small, too wide, too narrow, too soft, too firm…try on the shoe and take it for a run up and down the sidewalk before you buy it!  Goldilocks did not order her porridge on the Internet!  She found the bowl that was just right by trying them all in-person!
  • Do not continue running in broken down, worn out shoes!  Get new/the right shoes with the proper support and/or insert a new insole (firmer, not softer) for better/more support.
  • Consider taking a few days/weeks off to give your feet a break.  The pain may or may not subside.
  • Ice your feet.  This helps reduce inflammation.  I am a believer in ice water instead of an ice cup.
  • Massage your arch/heel with your thumb until tears are running down your face.
  • Roll your arch/heel on something to massage/stimulate your foot.  Golf balls, Foot Wheels, knobby balls work great.   Also do this until tears are running down your face.  While I can’t tell you the physiological mechanism that explains why this works (deliberately aggravating an area that already hurts), numerous conversations with customers and much personal experience suggests it does.
  • Stretch your calves and Achilles tendons.  This is always vague advice.  Experience has shown me that the following/above stretch works better than others I’ve tried.  Stand facing the wall (wearing shoes) and put the toe of your shoe on the wall so your calf/Achilles is stretching (see photo).  Lean in to the wall from your hips (I go up on to my toes with the other foot to get the maximum stretch).  Count to 30.  Do not bounce or get too aggressive.  Just enough stretch to feel how tight your calf is.  Do this stretch multiple times per day and for weeks and months on end.  And . . . if you really want to score brownie points, wash the footprint off the wall when you are done!
  • Exercise your foot.   Pick up marbles with your toes.  Or, try the following exercise which has worked great for me over the years.  Sit barefoot in a chair on a non-carpeted floor.  Spread a very light dish towel out on the floor.  Start at one end of the towel and scrunch it up with your toes until as much of the towel is under your foot as possible.  Now use your toes and push the towel back out and away from you.  Do this five times then switch to the other foot.  Do three sets of five with each foot.  Do this twice per day.  You are strengthening your foot by doing this.
  • Do a small amount of running in a minimal shoe or barefoot.  The idea here is to change your gait by landing on your mid-foot instead of your heel.  This reduces the impact from a heel strike and promotes foot/leg strength.  While this has been a hot trend over the past couple of years and has been touted as a way to decrease injuries, it is not for everyone.  But again, personal experience and customer feedback suggests landing on your mid-foot can help.  Do not run more than a mile for the first couple of weeks.  Your calves will be sore but they and your feet will be getting stronger.
  • Wear a “night splint”.  This keeps your calf and arch stretched out while you sleep, easing the infamous morning limp to the bathroom.  There are several night splint options.  The Orthlab Night Splint Sock works great . . . and conveniently, we have them @ BANDANNA!
PF may come and go in your life . . . hopefully these tips can help when/if you have to deal with it so you can get back out and enjoy what you love doing so PF then refers to Pain Free!
Rich Harris




Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for yourself or a friend, or just a place to torture the kids for an afternoon, you owe it to yourself to visit the Antique Mall on Overland Road!  You can find the GREATEST treasures within . . . pictured is a very recent Birthday present!  We have purchased numerous “finds” over the years at the Mall and are especially fond of the very helpful staff!  Call Sue A. if you are looking for something special and I bet she can tell you if they have it in their halls/walls of antiques/collections. Open Daily 10-6  PHONE:
Recommended by Shannon Harris


Meet Me Monday

If you have not yet experienced Meet Me Monday, you are missing out!  We meet in the parking lot between 5th and 6th & Main EVERY Monday from 5:15 p.m. to approximately 6:45 p.m. for a (FREE) run/walk/stroll through Downtown Boise, Kuna & New Plymouth!  The benefits of regular exercise are obvious, but the relationships we are building/creating while receiving the benefits of GETTING OUT are priceless!  Come and join us, and bring a friend!  You will want to make this an every Monday effort!  Thanks to Liz Warhurst and Rhonda & Ron Lysinger, we have recently added the Kuna and New Plymouth MMM’s!  See MeetMeMonday.org for all of the details and/or the MeetMeMonday Facebook page!
October 21 . . . Join us for a fun night with the American Medical Society!  They will have an ambulance on-site and also talk to us about some safety measures/thoughts as Halloween approaches.
*Meet Me Monday is a community partnership between Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and Bandanna Running & Walking and is designed to GET people OUT and active!  Please plan to join us for MMM!
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